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A Lawyer's Advice for Contracts, Cancellations, and More

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A Lawyer's Advice for Contracts, Cancellations, and More

How much should you charge for cancellation? What's the key to avoiding litigation? And can you really limit negative reviews in your contract? Lawyer Karalynn Cromeens answers on this episode of Women at WIRC

May 22, 2023
Women in Residential Construction podcast

Women at WIRC · Karalynn Cromeens | The Cromeens Law Firm

On this episode of Women at WIRC, we talk to lawyer Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm. Listen to learn how to control the never ending punch list, a lawyer’s advice for handling cancellations, and believe it or not, a way to limit negative reviews.

Cromeens says that 90% of residential construction litigation she works with could have been prevented—part of that comes from the contract and the other part comes from trusting your gut.

"If we don't manage those expectations, that's when we get in trouble," says Cromeens.


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