Launch of the next millennium

It appears that the U. S. Postal Service survived Y2K, unless it’s Spring and you’re just now reading our January issue.

December 31, 1999

It appears that the U. S. Postal Service survived Y2K, unless it’s Spring and you’re just now reading our January issue. Seriously, we hope the bug didn’t strike your business, that the time and money spent on preparation paid off, and that you’ve entered 2000 without much of a hitch in your technology’s performance.

We’re entering 2000 with exciting enhancements and new information for the industry. First, notice our new logo. It’s indicative of what you’ll find inside our pages: an updated, fresh look for the next millennium.

We’ve brought back Great Practices, too. Ed Caldeira, director of quality services at the NAHB Research Center, has helped us pinpoint best practices in remodeling excellence through the current and past winners of the National Remodeling Quality Awards. Each regular issue will feature an in-depth look at a part of a winner’s operation that Caldeira has deemed a benchmark in remodeling.

Our final enhancement helps you learn more as you read our features. Read carefully, because we’ve added The Quiz at the end of each feature. You’ve come to expect quality lessons from some of the best remodelers in the country. Now we’re making it easier to reinforce what you’re learning. Take The Quiz and check your answers in the back of the magazine.

The most exciting news we have entering 2000 is the launch of a comprehensive website designed to become the new home page of not only the remodeling industry, but also the entire housing industry. We’re launching Jan. 14 during the Builders’ Show. provides a starting point for everybody involved in housing: from consumers to government and association officials to suppliers, trade contractors, home builders and, most importantly, remodelers. No other website is bringing the entire industry together. has garnered content from across the Web. We have organized the site so users can quickly find the information they seek. The site will evolve and grow as we continually add new sources and content. An online Buyer’s Guide provides up-to-the-minute product information with links to suppliers. A daily news feed from Lexis-Nexis-the premier online news source in the industry-keeps users informed on industry news.

And it goes on and on: Job boards, online education, and the popular Professional Remodeler Web Worksheets are all part of this site. signals the commitment that Professional Remodeler has to providing the best content in the industry. Whether it’s electronic or print, we’re aiming to be your partner in taking your business to the next level of professionalism.

P.S. This June, we’ll be presenting the first Professional Remodeler Pinnacle Award. There’s an application on page 95.

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