Kleer Lumber helps Performance House live up to its name

December 06, 2013
The Performance House in Old Greenwich, Conn. has received numerous accolades for its green and energy-efficient building design. During the holistic planning of this award-winning, energy efficient home, Master Certified Green Professional Peter Fusaro identified Kleer Lumber as having the trim and decking products required to bring his vision to life. 
Constructed by Fusaro’s Preferred Builders Inc., one of the most distinct features of The Performance House is a 2-ft. overhang that wraps around the perimeter of the home on the first and second floors. The overhang features KleerBeed beaded sheet and is finished with a Kleer crown moulding profile to further add to its aesthetic appeal. Not only does the overhang give the home a unique design feature, it provides significant energy savings by shading the windows from the hot summer sun, which helps reduce the amount of air conditioning used inside the home. There’s also significantly less weathering of the windows thanks to the extra shade. During the winter, the same overhang helps retain warm air rather than let it escape from the windows to help improve energy efficiency.
As a builder dedicated to protecting the environment, Fusaro also recycles unused pieces of Kleer PVC Trimboard because he believes this material would most likely end up in a landfill if not for the recycling bin on his job site.
For The Performance House and other homes, Fusaro chooses Kleer PVC Trimboard and Decking for a variety of reasons including durability, performance, aesthetics, and ease of installation. Without a visible joint, Fusaro says the preformed, single-piece Kleer Corner Board installs quickly. For window surrounds, he builds them on the ground and then applies them to his classically styled New England homes. And, for the decking found on The Performance House, Fusaro chose Brazilian Redwood from the Kleer Decking Sierra Series and says he simply cannot believe how much it’s retained its original wood grain texture and color following several harsh New England seasons.
Kleer Lumber is proud to have Peter Fusaro as a partner who “Thinks Beyond Wood” by choosing Kleer Trimboard and Decking to achieve superior, environmentally friendly results.
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