Kitchen Storage Ideas Trending on Houzz

The 15 storage ideas Houzz users love

May 01, 2015
Kitchen Storage Ideas Trending on Houzz

© WoodWorks Inc. via Houzz

One great thing about using the Internet as an idea book is the ability to collect data on design trends. The staff at Houzz rounds up 15 of the most popular kitchen storage ideas on the site.

Top of the list is a perfectly organized walk-in pantry. One particular photo of a walk-in custom pantry – complete with pull-out wicker cubbies and floor to ceiling shelving – has been shared by more than 410,000 users.

A dominant trend is pull-outs: Pull-out trash cans, pull-out utensil drawers, and pull-out corner drawers instead of a lazy Susan all made the top 15.

Less clutter is also very popular. Houzz users drool over a rolling cabinet that fits perfectly underneath the counter, and the countertop appliance garage that hides toasters, blenders, and coffee makers from clear view while still keeping them within reach.

See the list at Houzz.

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