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Insights for Designing Outdoor Kitchens

Was the pandemic-fueled thirst for outdoor kitchen remodels and additions a fluke, or is it here to stay? Plus: The top design considerations for outdoor kitchens

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Moisture Management With Drywall

How to prevent moisture damage in residential and commercial bathrooms

Innovative Products: Clearion Fireplace

The first truly see-through electric fireplace heats separate rooms at different rates

The New American Remodel: Product Showcase

Carefully chosen and finely detailed products define the 2018 New American Remodel

2018 Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition Now Open for Entries

Want a few grand and a free trip to Italy?

Small Bugs, Big Impact

How can indoor air quality become so bad when there's penty of venting and no toxic materials? 

What You Missed at Lightovation

Too busy at IBS to make it to Lightovation? Don't sweat it. Here's what you missed.

Innovative Products: Trim-Tex Rigid Jumbo Corner Bead

These vinyl beads come with a handy modification that makes them perfect for remodeling jobs

The New American Remodel

This inspiring modernization of an 80-year-old historical structure holds lessons any remodeler can put to work

Innovative Products: A Feeney Trifecta

Two cool new products, and one 'immensely popular' one add up to a hat trick for Feeney

Easy Drywall Patch

A hole saw and a scrap of drywall make for a strong, invisible patch

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