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Ken Smith

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Ken Smith

April 14, 2022


Anything Home

Virginia Beach, Va.

2021 Revenue: $1.1 million

On working with subcontractors: We are always trying to show our trade partners that we appreicate them. We buy a lot of lunches and invite them to participate with us in events outside of work, like Topgolf, bowling leagues, concerts, and things like that. We try to build relationships with them, that is our philosophy even if it doesn’t always pan out that way. Our goal is also to find something meaningful for them, so if somebody is into motorcycles, we’ll reward them with something to do with that hobby, or if they are a strong family person, then we’ll try to give them an opportunity to spend time with their family, like a restaurant gift card or tickets to a local amusement park. The idea is that it’s individualized thing.

We’re a smaller company, so we get to know our trades pretty well. I’ve been working with a lot of them for years, while at the same time, we’re always meeting new guys. We have a great team of trades, and that’s what makes it all possible. 

Business book recommendation:

The Success Principles

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