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Katie Hoffman

March 29, 2019

Director of operations 

Roeser Home Remodeling, St. Louis, Mo.

Age: 34

Project Trend Watch: Business is booming so far this year in the St. Louis residential market. Ours is a popular area for families who will buy an older, charming house with less square footage because they want the schools and walkable community. They then remodel to add more space and improve the flow, while keeping intact the character of the original home. A creative solution we’ve been using lately is incorporating a laundry room into the kitchen. As long as the space is designed well, we can work in a front-loading washer and dryer and utilize space to the most beneficial way for our client. This frees up space within the rest of the home while making the kitchen look more grand. You would never even know that the washer, dryer, pull-out hampers, and detergent are hidden within the cabinets. It’s been highly functional for many of our clients.

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