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Jonathan Erskine

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Jonathan Erskine

April 13, 2022

Vice President

Alenco Home, Lenexa, Kan.

2021 Revenue: $30 million

Our business traditionally had been a large-scale, face-to-face company built on my father’s hard work collaborating with Home Depot, Sam’s Club, and all of the large retailers. Through COVID, it was shocking seeing some retailers closing their doors to us. Nobody wanted you to knock on their door, so canvassing stopped. The proudest moment was seeing our team embracing change. We went from 75% face-to-face marketing style to 98% digital. We’ve seen profitability in our marketing department grow because of it.

Best innovation: It’s been amazing to see what simple technological advances can do for your business. I did sales for Alenco for 12 years and it was all very old style. We had not advanced on the tech side for sales tools or even communication. We had management that weren’t necessarily interested, they saw us as being $12 million in Kansas City forever. We’re pushing $40 million now and I opened up the St. Louis office. Something small like GroupMe conversations helps us push our people through feedback, celebration, and positivity between our sales, production teams, and installation specialists.

Business book/podcast recommendation:

Anything Gary Vee

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