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Jimmy Moore, 36

A Forty Under 40 winner reflects on his company's name and servant leadership.

April 05, 2021
Jimmy Moore


Petra Custom Builders / Boulder, Colo.Motorcycle Jimmy Moore

2020 Revenue $5.9 Million 

What's in a Name?: 

I recognize my natural gift is leadership, specifically servant leadership. What I value most is empowering individuals to grow authentically. It makes us better husbands, wives, partners, parents—really, people in general. While my team entrusted me to be the leader, I am in many ways more dependent on them than they are on me. We recognize the value of a selfless approach.

The construction industry has an ego issue, and so I didn’t want the company to have my name.

All that we produce isn’t the result of any single contribution; it’s a collective effort. Petra got its name for two reasons. I felt like the construction industry had an ego issue and so I didn’t want the company to have my name. The Hebrew word for rock is Petra, which is also an ancient city built by local craftsmen that still stands today. And then there’s the Boulder Flatirons, which are incredible and remind us of the community we serve.

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