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August 16, 2010


Sales and marketing don't always go hand in hand. How does a remodeler balance the two when it comes to budget?

Trying to find a balance between your remodeling work and your real life can be a challenge.

Professional Remodeler Columnist Doug Dwyer gives insight to three strategic areas of focus that create value for your customers. And remodelers know that satisfied customers often lead to their next job. These are the strategies.

Change. There’s a whole generation of remodelers (and doctors and lawyers ... and, yes, editors too) who fight it at every turn. I’m going to share something with you that has helped me adjust my thinking over many years of rapid change in the journalism profession.

Carl Seville, the well-informed guru of green addresses the issue of how a remodeling company can get started on the path to fame and fortune on the green superhighway.

Groundbreaking products that change the way we approach, bid and execute remodeling jobs.

Many remodelers don’t have a succession plan in place. Iris Harrell was no different. What happens to your remodeling company if something happens to you?

It's a position no remodeler wants to be in, but with a slipping economy and work dropping off, many owners are having to make the tough decision to lay off employees.

While the kitchen remodel was just one element of the ambitious whole-house makeover of this 1920s lakeside cottage in Minneapolis, it was this part of the project that really made the difference when it came to transforming the home's character from dark and dated to modern and inviting.

Allegro Builders restores a once-grand 1910 home that had been seemingly ruined by years of neglect and abuse as it went from owner to owner before ending up as a halfway house for the homeless.

Trade secrets from the remodeling industry

New products for remodelers and the remodeling industry

Innovative new products for the remodeling and building industries

Innovative products for the remodeling and building industries

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