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PR September 2004

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PR September 2004

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Mobile Phone Technology for the Field

Nextel's latest phones, data-enabled and including global positioning system capabilities, offer new and expanded features to improve productivity.

Accounting and Invoicing Software

These days, it's hard to run a business without it

'I Was Hoping I Could Die Before I Had to Learn How to Run Computers'

The second-generation owner (along with his two brothers) of Vos Construction, a commercial builder and remodeler in Green Isle, Minn., did everything longhand until three or four years ago.

Buy Now, Pay Never...

Granite countertops may have replaced the stock market as the investment of choice among American homeowners, who are moving their money into the best performing investment there is today: their homes.

Leading the Way to Profit

I have precious little free time and don't want to spend my billable hours giving away free information without a fighting chance of a sale.

Building Relationships

Sometimes the sale is not worth the hell you know a particular customer is going to put you through (the trouble would probably wind up costing you money somehow, anyway).

Whole House

With the kids away, these homeowners play with space meant for entertaining


Clever storage uses every nook and cranny

Make Selections With Success

A meticulous design analysis process keeps the job - and customer - on track

Selling Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor helps quantify energy savings and costs

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