PR September 2003

August 16, 2010


When a home is built on a steep hill, getting materials from the front of the house into a walk-out basement can be a challenge. Before even starting this project, Custom Basements Inc. had to extend the deck and build a stairway up to the driveway.

Customer survey scores from five top remodeling firms prove it's possible.

Without the customer present to ask questions and voice concerns, Teakwood employees look to each other to be sounding boards for ensuring that projects are produced with the highest level of customer service possible.

eBay's business marketplace construction channel, the York Business Analyzer and Yellow Steel highlight offerings on the Web.

Settling with an insurance company on restoration costs took 20 months longer than rebuilding the home.

A quality paint job begins with proper prepping and priming.

Unlike most remodeling companies, Bowa Builders has a department dedicated solely to customer service.

With a six-person staff that includes two sets of spouses, remodeling is truly a family affair for HoBart Builders. In this vein, its approach to customer service is simple: Treat customers like family.

Carl Krueger Construction in Milwaukee introduced a three-tier bathroom remodel series to help potential customers understand what features they can get based on price ranges.

The good news coming out of the NRS homeowner satisfaction study? Most customers are very satisfied with their remodelers.

A 1-2-3 punch of Old World design, energy-efficient construction and 'wired' everything transforms a 1950s 'smart' home.

Pictures from the SawHorse Playground project and the Home Builders Association of Kentucky state competition.

A sale is a transfer of feelings. The salesperson successfully transfers certain feelings to the prospect, who is converted into a client when the transfer is completed.

For owners running successful remodeling companies, consider the following as an introductory road map to diversifying and solidifying your personal finances. For those struggling to run a successful company, consider what you're missing and use that k...

Before its annual 'state of the company' meeting, Dave Olejniczak, production manager for Repp Construction in Orchard Park, N.Y., helped organized a Mission Impossible-like game to help introduce concepts of company culture, the main topic of the meet...

A spacious, cool, comfortable area for outside entertaining ranked near the top of the wish list for Lonny Rutherford and Marilyn Mobley. Perched on a large lot with a panoramic view of the city, their home had a small patio and a yard with a handful o...

Author J.K. Rowling has created an outstanding product, built an unbeatable brand, captivated existing customers, converted the most unlikely of prospects into raving fans and earned millions of dollars. Wouldn't you like to be able to say the same for...

Ask the employees of Tri-Lite Builders what they do, and they'll tell you that more than provide extraordinary design and superior construction, they sell an experience, hinged on the desire 'to help clients realize their dreams.' And in offering this ...

The mantra at Plekkenpol Builders is that customer service means each customer feels like he or she is the most important customer. To this end, the company insists that employees communicate with clients daily and are on call 24 hours a day, seven day...

For David and Ann Rodrigues, president and vice president of David & Goliath Builders, the project that launched their remodeling division had to be featured in the local home improvement showcase and had to really demonstrate the company's craftsmansh...

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