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PR October 2015

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PR October 2015

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10 Ideas to Change Your Remodeling Business

The old saying is true: All of us are smarter than any of us. So take advantage of your peers' innovation and problem solving to help improve your business.

How to Choose Exterior Colors

From regional palettes to new visualization tools, here are some handy tips for selecting exterior colors

How to Build Boxed-Newel Stairs

A remodeler builds stain-grade custom newels and modifies prefab treads to complete a winder stair started by the homeowner

Energy Efficiency: Benefits of a Whole-House Solution

Energy efficiency in a home needs to be thought of as one entity rather than independent products  

3-D Tools to Help Visualize a Master Bath Remodel

The clients want to find better use for the vast expanse of space in this large bathroom. 3-D models and color renderings will help them envision the options

2txt or n2txt?

Effective communication depends not just on the means we use to communicate but on the people involved and the circumstances that bring them together

(Re)creating History: Working With Reclaimed Brick

Reclaimed bricks’ popularity is growing, and here’s how the ModelReModel is using it

Remodeling Companies That Use Their Showroom as a Sales Tool

We talked with remodelers about what it takes to build, maintain, and operate a showroom, and how it fits into the way they do business

Exterior Color 101

There’s a method to selecting exterior colors that dazzle

Enhanced Reality: A Closer Look at Chief Architect Room Planner

This app helps you take measurements for making as-built drawings for estimating, as well as create 3-D renderings to help homeowners visualize the project

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