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PR October 2014

October 05, 2014

2014 Design Awards

Project of the Year

Measuring Design Space

Flooring Trends


Slated to be held again in 2015, the Extreme Sales Summit is the only conference devoted entirely to in-home selling.

Looking at your business as a patient helps you make decisions based on its health and well-being.

This month, I wanted to review a few good books I’ve read that focus on personal growth as well as your business.

Homeowners have done some energy efficiency improvements, but they haven’t seen results in the form of lower energy bills, and so they blame their utility and decide energy-efficient improvements aren’t worth it.

It’s easy to look several years down the road and think business exiting and transition planning are not a priority. The common sentiment is that you can do it later. The issue I see with most remodeling contractors is they never start transition planning. As such, they are risking their biggest investment.

This month, the Remodeler’s Exchange features two remodeling professionals who founded and operate full-service design-build firms. Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz spoke with David Adams and current NAHB Remodelers chairman Paul Sullivan about the process they use to guide clients through the design-build process.

Our panel of experts evaluated more than 150 remodeling projects from across the country, reviewing each for a bevy of criteria. Following hours of discussion and debate, the projects were narrowed down and recognized per their classification.

Dubbe Moulder Architects and Hobbs Custom Builders transform a dark, dated ski chalet into a light-filled, spacious vacation home.

When measuring an existing space, the designer needs to document all items within that given space along with adjacent items that relate to the space.

On-trend woods and wood-inspired laminates take on a new but rustic look.

This month we asked: How do you feel about employees who don’t agree with a decision?

The ADA/ANSI-compliant shower pans mprove accessibility for all users while still maintaining good design.

All aspects of the unit are customizable, including height, length, materials, and finishes.

As HETs, both toilets utilize just 1.28 gpf.

Other optional add-ons range from a floor-mounted high-flow tub filler or virtual spout to decorative towel and grab bars and a bath pillow.

The cushioned track that allows users to sit, lean, or kneel on it comfortably.

A proprietary process creates a natural-looking wood-grain finish

Remodelers can custom order milled and fabricated cellular PVC trim components.

The durable black surface is water-repellent and highly cleanable.

Users can upload XML files or add units individually to generate the quantities of installation materials needed for each window and patio door.

The finish on the Bellawood flooring line is backed by a transferable 100-year warranty.

Users can select AZEK products for an entire house, with the ability to save their designs, add notes or tags, and share them with friends.

TriForm components include an integrated linear drain and come in four ready-for-tile sizes.

The system allows stick-fit and wobble-free installation to eliminate fastener strip-out.

Two kits are offered to accommodate up to 20 feet or 40 feet of level railing, with either top-mounted or side-mounted posts.

The decking is made by mixing natural bamboo fiber with recycled HDPE plastic and additives for mold and mildew prevention.

The unit can work for contemporary homes or as a pass-through application and is 14 feet wide by 6 feet tall.

Series 670 replaces Series 700 and has an upgraded hopper style and slimmer sash lock.

Features include through-jamb installation, various glass options, and divided lites.

Up to 15 percent of material is recycled, and the windows meet Energy Star standards without the need for krypton-filled panes.

Advanced low-E insulating double-pane glass comes standard with low-E triple-pane glass optional.

All six components are made from environmentally sustainable materials.

Fusion surfaces are cut-to-measure and offered in 3-, 5-, and 12-millimeter thicknesses and two formats.

All are available in a polished finish. Brown Amber is also available in a satin finish.

GeoScapes Granite offers 16 different colors with 2-, 3-, and 4-centimeter edge options.

The FSC-certified material features a non-porous surface for a lifetime of stain resistance and absorbs virtually no water.

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