PR October 2003

August 16, 2010


Sales results from Professional Remodeler's 2003 remodeling industry survey

Production results from Professional Remodeler's 2003 remodeling industry survey

Bonded Builders Home Warranty Association recently bolstered its remodeling warranty program to help professional remodelers stand out in a crowded industry that takes collective hits when a few operations do bad work.

Human Resources / Customer Service results from Professional Remodeler's 2003 remodeling industry survey

Have I got a product idea for you! Jordan AntiProblemClients. Once installed, the software would protect your company from remodeling customers who nitpick, haggle, nickel-and-dime or withhold payment.

Triple-A formula helps remodeling companies earn their employees' esteem

Slippage is the silent killer, our unwanted partner, the overpaid ghost that steals our net profits. If we must live with it, how can we make it manageable?

101 Best Companies to Work For 2003 Remodelers LIst

Lawrence Murr sees former clients as a further labor source, especially as baby boomers retire in increasingly larger numbers.

101 Best Companies to Work For 2003 Builders and Architects List

Homeowner Jeff Duffy, whose background is in commercial real estate, served as his own general contractor on this conversion of a 10,000-square-foot barn into an 8,600-square-foot home.

101 Best Companies to Work For 2003 Results

As a former remodeler and custom home builder, James Ciaciuch, president and CEO of Residential Media Associates Inc., sees the plethora of home improvement reality shows and retail stores today and thinks they create unrealistic expectations in the mi...

The unusual business model of this $21 million remodeling firm makes the numbers work and keeps employees happy

The architect-contractor relationship and the relationship both of those parties have with the homeowner establish the foundation for a smooth, seamless construction project. The Boston Society of Architects recognized this when it created its Homeowne...

Pictures from Benchmark, Gaining Ground, NAHB Remodelers Council, Key Awards and Remodelers Night Out.

The metamorphosis of this 1958 ranch house into a mountain lodge required melding the house with its environment, capturing livable interior space, and maximizing views and natural light. Most of all, it meant turning the ordinary into the outstanding....

Sited far from the road on a large lot in the hills of Connecticut, this 1960s ranch house had everything going for it locationwise but left much to be desired in aesthetics and space.

When designing, replacing or building a roof, remodelers must pay as much attention to preventing moisture intrusion as they do to framing or shingles.

EZ Payment Services offers a fully automated accounts receivable process that it says can reduce billing and collection costs by more than 90%.

While reacting to the surrounding business landscape apparently has worked, lacking a business plan might have contributed to the Gardner/Fox's decision in 1999 to take on a high-priced, low-margin project that caused more trouble than it was worth.

Two new hardcover books from The Taunton Press provide remodelers with extensive design ideas.

In my mind, October is the perfect time to settle into the books, nose to the grindstone, and get down to serious work. That goes for remodelers, too.

New information from Professional Remodeler's 2003 survey provides a remodeling industry report card.

Business results from Professional Remodeler's 2003 remodeling industry survey

Financial results from Professional Remodeler's 2003 remodeling industry survey

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