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PR November 2015

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PR November 2015

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Accidents Happen: A Quick Guide to a Table Saw Worst-Case Scenario

Here are some tips on what to do immediately after a table saw injury, just in case.

A Question of Liability: Table Saws in the Courtroom

Court battles for table-saw related issues, such as flesh-sensor patents and lawsuits by injured table saw users, have been subject of legal controversy.

A Clean Cut: A Look Into Surgery for Table Saw Related Injuries

Fingers reattached at a good facility are 80 to 90 percent successful, but that doesn’t include all of the people who are not candidates for the surgery.

The Cutting Edge: Flesh-Sensing Technology in Remodeling

What is flesh-sensing technology, how does it work, and will it become the new standard for power tools?

Do Energy Retrofits Pay?

The economics of energy retrofits are in the news again. How is payback calculated, and are we even asking the right question?

Remuddles: Back to the Drawing Board, Part 1

A second look at additions that not only failed to improve the existing house, but made it worse—and some suggested fixes

Our Magazine Redesign: Shiny and New

We’re introducing more points of view, large images, and a cool use of margin notes in every story

When Less Is More

Big-budget projects photograph well, but I’m more interested in the work that goes on behind the scenes

Pro's Pick: Large Diameter Tapcon Anchor, ITW Red Head

The LDT anchor is a high-performance anchor that cuts its own threads into concrete


House Tour: 2015 Model ReModel Exterior

The Model Remodel is a whole-house remodel that showcases excellent materials, exciting design, and superb craftsmanship

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