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November 14, 2013

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Remodelers continue growth year over year.

What have you found is the best criteria to measure the performance of a salesperson?

The AuraLast Wood can accommodate numerous existing frame sill slopes, divided lite profiles, and glass packages, including Energy Star-rated models.

Within the pyramidal options, homeowners can choose from: straight eave double pitch, ridge mounted, pyramid, hip end, straight eave lean-to, and single slope.

No wiring is required to install the skylight, which also features an integrated rain sensor that automatically closes the skylight in the event of inclement weather.

The solar panel also drives two LED nightlights for extra illumination in the evening.

The shades can be programmed to change settings at specific times or conditions for the perfect amount of light at all times.

The transition membrane is compatible with all StoGuard vapor-permeable and vapor-impermeable membranes.

Two foil facers sit around a uniform, closed-cell, polyisocyanurate foam core that provides protection against thermal bridging and water, vapor, and air infiltration.

This closed-cell spray foam insulation product from Icynene is a 100-percent water-blown insulation.

All boards are manufactured without CFCs or HCFCs, giving them zero ozone-depletion potential and making them environmentally friendly.

With the full lineup, homeowners can protect their entire house from moisture damage from the basement to the roof.

Six of them are 6 inches in width and the other six are 12 inches in width.

The Remodeler’s Exchange examines a variety of topics on the subject of lead paint. Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz talks with William Shaw and George “Geep” Moore.

The siding is tested to withstand wind load pressures up to 180 miles per hour and is virtually maintenance-free, never requiring painting.

The built-in and free-standing GE Monogram grills range from 30-inch models all the way up to the 54-inch professional model.

The prefinished floors are clear coated, with a low sheen, and a durable aluminum oxide finish backed by a wear-through warranty.

When connected with icomfort Wi-Fi, homeowners can adjust the temperature anytime, anywhere.

Merkrete classifies the product as a high-end solution that eliminates the need for sanded and non-sanded grouts.

By blending natural tones with European oak, the flooring has an earthy vibe in color and appearance.

Sherwin Williams has introduced two stains that are formulated with raw materials that are reported to contain no VOCs.

The tube and legs are secured together with self-tapping screws and screw heads are covered with light gray plastic cover caps.

The line includes single hung, single slider, casement, awning and direct-set picture windows, and sliding patio doors that are available in five colors.

The ¼-inch tank design offers 10 percent greater capacity than the previous model and acts as a storage compartment for the hose.

It works in single pole or three-way applications and is rated for a variety of loads.

The McElroy Socket Fusion Kit will help contractors get proper tooling for pipe and fitting sizes from 20 to 63 millimeters (mm).

Emphasis on the roofing system as a whole leads to new aesthetics and performance developments.

Remodelers Advantage Business Summit 2013 outlines sales strategies.

Users can also control the Brillion-enabled ovens through an iPhone or Android app.

All Cape Anne lavatory faucets sport a water-saving laminar flow of 1.5 gallons per minute.

5 ways to establish the right marketing program for your business.

Different spacer styles are available to raise the drain cover flush with the floor, regardless of material thickness.

Muse is available in black, white, and biscuit, with multiple metal finish options for purchase.

Styles include Redi Base with round drain cover; Redi Free with barrier-free entrance; and Redi Trench with integrated trench and drain.

Three ways to vent an island fixture are discussed, each method chosen should be verified by the local plumbing inspector.

Marrokal Design & Remodeling updates stodgy 1970s home to suit aging clients and their grandchildren.

Fall protection and hazard communication are the most frequently cited standards for fiscal year 2013.

The real question is, “Are you leveraging your assets to get the best return to differentiate your business?”

It is helpful to see and learn from what others are doing to improve their business or the experience they are delivering to their clients and employees.

While the LIRA continues to project annual improvement spending increasing at a double-digit pace in the near term, a slowdown of this growth can be expected by the middle of 2014.

This new index replaces the Improving Markets Index and will shift the focus from identifying markets that have recently begun to recover to those that are now approaching and exceeding their former normal levels of economic progress.

The summit was hosted by SGC Horizon’s Professional Remodeler, the media brand serving owners and executives of residential remodeling firms, and PRIME, the premier council of leading and high-volume remodeling professionals.

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