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PR November 2005

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PR November 2005

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Bring the Business Plan to Life

We have talked about some 25 business metrics that one can track. After we collect them for a period of time, they begin to have a "normal" range. We can then apply these numbers to make better predictions and better decisions.

Secrets to Recruiting "A" Players

You can hire anyone. Recruiting is going out and finding the best person for the pay, benefits, culture and opportunity your company provides.

Getting the lead out

When I started to investigate what all the fuss was about concerning the EPA's impending rule regarding lead-safe work practices, I was of the opinion that this would probably end up being much ado about nothing.

Searched and Found on the Web

If you're looking for new sources of leads, keep in mind that more homeowners are making the Internet an important part of their remodeling research, maybe even the starting point.

Winners Offer Competitive Advantage

Interestingly, what product manufacturers think sets them apart from the competition isn't necessarily what remodelers actually value.

The Basics of Universal Design

Whether it's a kitchen, a bathroom or an entire home, universal design improves the living space for the young, disabled, aging or — the rarest of people — perfectly average. You will also tap into an emerging market.

The Golden Rule

Service is what separates the truly professional remodeler from the rest. Remodelers who not only get the job done but also answer questions, soothe fears, clean up, listen well and provide choices create true value for their clients. Remodelers like this also create referrals for themselves. It's a lesson that the winners of this year's NRS Awards for customer satisfaction have taken to heart.

Energy-Efficient Selections

With more people using more energy, we're in a high-cost energy cycle that's not going to end soon. It's time to help your customers curb those costs by offering them smart choices when you remodel their homes. Energy-efficient choices can range from windows and solar glass to insulating sealants, ventilators and fans.

Employee Relations

A great way to show your employees their hard work is appreciated is to implement a system of incentive-based rewards. Whether structured in the form of cash bonuses, merchandise or other types of perks, attaching them to performance communicates to your employees that results equal rewards.

Self-Expression Showcase

Architects deep into the modernist tradition, Rene Davids and Christine Killory purchased a fixer-upper to showcase their design talents. Their palette was a 2½-story, 2,700-square-foot home built in the1920s and situated on a Berkeley, Calif., hillside.

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