PR November 1999

August 16, 2010


Restoration of a fire- and smoke-damaged house.

Mark Brick takes the design/build concept a step further by hiring architects.

Letters to the editor about handling bad press and customizing draw schedules.

Woods Restoration Services strives to lessen the trauma for its fire-restoration clients.

Gary Nash, owner of Nash Construction, developed a 12-point checklist that describes every phase of the construction process to clients.

The financial breakdown of the Turcotte fire-restoration project.

High-traffic-area paint jobs almost certainly call for some sort of special finish to increase the durability and cleanability of a remodeler’s work, but finishes, especially mid-range finishes, are also being used to add style to interior rooms.

How to market to generations X and Y.

Working as a designer/architect for B&E Contractors offers hands-on learning.

Volunteering is good for Alan Derrick's business and his conscience.

Several major problems exist with low-flow toilets.

W.R. Meadows, Inc. announces the availability of a 12-page, four-color SEALTIGHT Restoration Products Usage Selector Guide No. 97RP.

Paint Finishes

W.R. Meadows, Cemplank, Alcoa

Paint Finishes

Solatube's website, includes tips to help remodelers determine the best location for a tubular skylight.

Paint Finishes

Paint Finishes

Rehabilitation codes that were demonstrated effective in New Jersey have been accepted into the International Residential Code.

Company snapshot

Converting a company to handle an in-house, profitable design staff takes time.

Company snapshot

Next year, Professional Remodeler will publish 12 issues--including three product tabloids.

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