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April 30, 2014

2014 Market Leaders

Top 15 Apps

Yoho: Top Closing Tips

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Below are 15 of the most popular apps we’ve found for remodelers. Each app can be found at

The following are some simple leadership attributes and skills I believe separate average leaders from great ones. As you reflect on each of these, try to think how you might improve in each criteria as well.

Preventing moisture from getting into the walls through proper air sealing, implementation of the water-resistant barrier, and control of interior moisture levels is crucial to ensure a durable assembly.

In the first of a four-part series, below are seven of the 25 ways a remodeler can lose money.

Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz spoke with Don Ferrier and Breck Powers about how their firms manage the critical relationship with subcontractors and how it impacts business.

Professional Remodeler’s list of the leading remodelers in the top markets in the U.S.

Despite energy-efficiency and air-quality concerns, homeowners are questioning whether to invest in upgrades for green remodeling projects.

Ruark Building Contractors, Becker Morgan Group deconstruct confined space to brighten the hub of the home.

Debunking the myths and old-fashioned beliefs about closing.

Establishing a historical theme for the kitchen or bathroom is a way to assist the designer in organizing the project.

Manufacturers have found ways for roofing systems as a whole to withstand harsh conditions more now than ever before.

"What have you learned about your business the last 12 months? What would you change?"

The 125REZGT sports an onboard LP tank, built for 24 hours of runtime.

Operating at 71.5 dBA to keep the noise minimal, it only draws 12 amps for easy startup.

Both ports incorporate a smart chip that optimizes the charging power of the connected device.

The rigid vinyl material removes the potential for rust or mold growth around window returns.

Hangers install after the drywall is in place and are available in sizes that accommodate most joists used including I-joists and trusses.

The new tape measure features a 360-degree rotating tip that can catch rounded edges up to 2 inches in diameter in any direction.

The stone is precast as a panel system with 8-to-12-inch-long panels to facilitate ease of installation.

With 750 CFM, the Green Machine can provide up to 50-percent more airflow than competitively priced solar vents.

The contemporary design has a one-piece control panel, smoother front edges, stainless steel knobs, sleeker side trims, and a full-width oven door and handle.

A limited edition interior wood floor collection made from Mondavi wine barrels.

It’s available in 13 colors to match the most common shades of building materials.

The paint is designed to cater to consumers in the growing LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) U.S. market.

It can be considered a “green glue,” contributing toward LEED and NAHB certification.

Dynaflex can seal joints up to 1-inch wide, can be cleaned with soap and water, has low odor, and used for both exterior and interior projects.

The breathable, elastic finish is meant for concrete, cement composition panels, concrete block, brick, and stucco.

The formula is both low VOC and GreenGuard Gold Certified, and has an easy-clean finish.

It can also be used on mechanical systems, pools, and bathtubs, and it has original patents in over 60 countries.

It comes in a 10-ounce cartridge and includes a mixing nozzle.

The paint is recommended for concrete/masonry block, ferrous metal, gypsum wallboard-drywall, plaster, and wood.

The material is not only a strong adhesive but also a durable waterproofing sealant.

The material contains special graphite particles that reduce heat loss in a building by reflecting heat radiation like a mirror.

It acts as a breathable air and water barrier while providing continuous exterior insulation.

The tape creates a permanent air/vapor seal that prevents air and moisture leaks.

The tape helps improve the integrity of the building envelope by reducing air and moisture penetrations.

Vycor enV-S comes in roll sizes of 40 inches by 135 feet.

StoGuard does not require specialized tools or labor, primers or termination mastics to install and fully adheres to all surfaces.

ProSeal is also suitable for year-round use, viable in temperatures as low as 23° F.

It is hand-tearable for easy application and can contribute to LEED credits applications.

This adhesive with high vapor permeability reduces the odds of water and air leakages due to membrane penetration.

It is suited for areas with large temperature swings and/or areas where heat, humidity, sun, and rain are prevalent.

Assistive Technology also makes Glideware a highly accessible choice for homeowners with disabilities.

Made of high-performance acrylic, the tub sports an integral tile flange on three sides for a modern look and convenient cleaning.

Standard drain lengths include 18, 28, 32, 36, and 40 inches; custom sizes are available on request.

High-definition, LED ambient lighting is offered in Cloud White, Deep Blue, and Amber.

Features include SilentShield sound-absorption system and a bottom bowl rack.

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