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August 16, 2010


Preview of new products for the remodeling industry.

Jonathan Sweet discusses blogging and the testing and tracking of green products for remodelers

How exactly does a remodeler avoid the rather trite and clichéd burnout? It's only expected that, being entrepreneurial in the first place (what makes a lot of us succeed at what we do) we go at everything with, to quote a very old beer commercial, "the gusto." So as we work hard to build, maintain and grow our business, how do we prevent feeling like we just can't do anymore, can't take another d...

Decking and outdoor living products for builders and remodelers.

A reality check can apply to a remodeling company that is in a growth mode or a company that is experiencing a decrease in sales. The numbers, a strong business plan and a good advisor or business friend can all supply some of the most beneficial reality checks we can find when it comes to managing a business.

With all of the changes occurring in the remodeling industry — going green, energy-efficiency, new rules and regulations — how important is it for your team to stay on top of the game? Training and certification are two of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition.

A single theme emerged during our spring Editorial Advisory Board conference call, which we use to share ideas for future articles based on what our board members are experiencing in their businesses. This is the perfect time for remodelers to focus on getting back to sound business fundamentals.

In my previous column I talked about the importance of defining the mission and vision for your company, absent that the company is really a collection of companies, with each individual employed there personally deciding what the mission and vision is for "his" or "her" company. As part of a fully developed business plan, your company needs to define its values.

When remodeling a house, take into consideration that the windows, walls, roof, foundation, ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting, and cooking are all related. Understanding how systems work together is more important now than ever.

Ben Crawford says it's a footrace to see who can build the first national brand in the remodeling industry. And he plans to get there first. Armed with a background as a former executive at GE, Crawford has quickly built Crawford Renovation into Houston's Market Leader.

Remodeling in 2018 will certainly be different from today. The housing stock will be older, the workforce and customer base will be different and the competition will change. Universal design and green remodeling will be more prevalent.

Say hello to your customer of 2018. I'll be 42 and in my prime remodeling years by then. It's Generation X brethren and the echo boomers coming up behind us you really have to worry about.

Last year, the big story was composites versus wood. Now the big names in decking have introduced a new contender, PVC, yet they are harkening back to their roots by emulating tropical hardwoods and variegated colors.

From modest grilling stations to lavish outdoor kitchens, from cozy fire pits to beautifully detailed masonry fireplaces, adding outdoor living space has become a priority when it comes to the home improvement project consumers most eagerly consider when they want to boost the livability of their home.

When it comes to selecting the surface material for an outdoor deck, homeowners' options are better looking, better performing and easier to install.

The very first remodeling company was a family business. As long as there's a remodeling industry, there will be family businesses. But as more corporate entities, franchises and large regional firms emerge on the landscape, the question begs to be asked: what is the future of the small, family-run remodeling business?

With its combination of rustic finishes and discrete modern amenities, the new screen porch on this Minneapolis, Minn. bungalow provides its owners with a functional indoor/outdoor retreat that complements the century-old home's simple architectural style and meets their entertaining needs at the same time.

Remodeler turns a historic Doctor's office space into an open, finely crafted kitchen-family area

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