PR March 2014

February 28, 2014

Energy Audits

Yoho: Winning at Home Shows

1930s Home Preservation


Energy audits can be a potential profit center for remodelers.

There were ample examples at the recent Design & Construction Week (DCW) show. I was there and these are some of my favorite examples of digital integration from the show floor.

While there are standards in business in terms of conduct and practice, the leader’s motivation varies dramatically.

As long as the phone rings, they stay busy. But if the phone stops ringing, they would be back to 2008, wondering where the next job was coming from.

Don’t assume your beliefs about something are the truth or that they are the same as your clients, peers, employees, or friends.

Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz spoke with Chad Ruhoff and Nathan Cross about the retrofit services their firms offer clients and how other companies can begin performing energy-efficiency renovations.

Fifth consecutive year of growth for exterior remodeling and replacement work.

Mosher Dolan and CBI Design upgrade 1930s home to accommodate modern lifestyle.

Critical strategies for making your next event a success.

Home design can respond to these trends in two ways: by conserving energy and by using natural forces whenever possible to provide light, heat, and cooling.

Homeowners not only want to replace their old decks but also create their ideal outdoor spaces.

This month we asked, “How important is company culture to your business?”

The Antioch is now one of three faucets in this Danze line, which includes the Single Handle Faucet and Articulated Spout Faucet.

The double-bowl sink features a low divider to accommodate large pans with long handles.

Features include precision rim jets, quiet flush mechanisms, and “silent close” toilet seats.

Music is streamed wirelessly from any Bluetooth-compatible device, including smartphones and tablets.

Available matching components include mirrors, LED lighting, vertical drawer bridges, and medicine cabinets.

Jackets are wind- and water-resistant, with an integrated USB power port and a removable belt clip for the battery and power source.

From one unit, users can set the heating schedule for multiple units throughout the home.

Each disc also includes Clog-Shield, a high-performance stearate coating that reduces pitch build-up and clogging.

The stapler is powered by a Lithium+ battery, capable of driving up to 1,000 staples per charge.

Available glass packages include laminated, insulated laminated, tinted, and high-performance low-E coatings.

The fully recyclable, non-porous material contains recycled glass and requires only a soft cloth, warm soapy water, or glass cleaner to make it shine.

Ideal Edge laminate edge profiles that eliminate flat edges and brown seams and are suitable for curved, clipped, or 90-degree corner installations.

The collection offers earthy, natural, industrial, and metallic colors all with a matte finish.

They allow customization by any craftsman and are available in any quantity, with no minimum order requirements.

The blocks are extracted by hand from open-air quarry, cut into slabs, and processed and glazed.

Available in more than 50 colors and patterns, it can be used for countertops, backsplashes, floors, and a variety of other applications.

Dekton is available in 12 white, grey, black, and natural stone hues and in three finishes (polished, matte, and slate).

The new technology also makes the material more durable than other Corian surfaces, reducing the scratch appearance by 50 percent.

The new colors have all the stain-, scratch-, and water-resistant qualities of quartz.

Flowing patterns create diagonal movement as an alluring feature focus.

Oyster Bay and Sunapee Lake, are the the company’s latest luxury flooring options.

The Green Squared-certified tiles contain a minimum of 4 percent recycled pre-consumer content.

The ¼-inch product is 40 percent lighter than traditional cement boards and easier to handle and cut, reducing installation time.

The LEED-compliant underlayer adds an R-value of 0.42 to the floor assembly.

The two finishes include Ultracoat Easy Plus, a one-component, water-based finish; and Ultracoat High Traffic, a two-component, water-based finish.

The Firm-Fill SCM sound mats are designed to used exclusively with their gypsum concrete products.

All of these product lines come with a 25-year limited warranty.

The new color features a variety of brown undertones with a low-sheen finish sourced from white oak.

At 6 inches by 36 inches each, planks require just one person for installation.

Valencia is a contemporary take on the classic floral and sunburst motifs of Spanish tiles in a 4-foot repeat.

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