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March 07, 2011

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Made from 100 percent recyclable glass, each ThinkGlass countertop is unique, with a huge selection of molded textures and hand-painted colors.

Designing a kitchen for the way clients use it takes careful planning

Basement finishing system is comprised of lightweight, high R-value vertically interlocking insulation panels that are drywall-ready with easy-to-attach wall clips and adjustable shims.

Laurel Cavern Ledge is StoneCraft’s newest manufactured stone veneer profile that delivers a rugged and rustic signature appearance.

NKBA members looking for big growth in the remodeling market this year

Taking the necessary steps to get to the $2 million sales threshold

Today more than ever, remodelers not only juggle more balls, but they are also wearing a greater variety of hats.

Experts from the NAHB Research Center offer advice on making green remodeling affordable

Remodelers need to update their plans regularly to be successful

Green remodel delivers space and safety for growing family

The latest products and design trends shaping sustainable remodeling

Fourth survey shows growing popularity of green remodeling, but challenges persist

There's plenty of green product labels out there. The NAHB Research Center offers an evaluation of the major programs.

Six steps to brand building without breaking the bank

Green construction attorney and blogger Chris Cheatham talks about the potential legal pitfalls in green building and remodeling

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