PR March 2009

August 16, 2010


If you could be 100 percent in the present 30 percent of the time, you would be happier and have more clarity of focus.

Good communication becomes good marketing to past clients

Think about your past remodeling customers as a customer for life, which will allow you to maintain or build your brand in your market.

Today's economy makes it difficult to establish a brand as a green remodeler

McCutcheon, a green contractor, says that spray-foam products are at the top of the food chain when it comes to green insulation.

After resisting the housing crash, Portland felt the impact in 2008, as sales, prices and remodeling activity slowed.

Strite Design + Remodel has come up with a new program that encourages its trade contractors to refer more business.

Although the market declined in 2008, the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies is optimistic about the future of the remodeling market. Kermit Baker tells us why.

In the current climate, most clients want a financial incentive to go green.

An ecological designer salvages an old bungalow and turns it into a green remodeling showplace

Review of IBS Green products

John Murphy of Murphy Bros. in Minneapolis and Bernie Smith of MasterWorks Atlanta discuss the pros and cons of green remodeling

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