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PR March 2005

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PR March 2005

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Retrofit With Structured Wiring

Where new-home technology ventures, existing-home technology often follows. According to a study by the Consumer Electronics Association and the NAHB Research Center, more than 42 percent of new homes built in 2002 included structured wiring, making it the most widely incorporated technology in new homes.

The New Rules: Work Smarter by Working Less

PART 6 OF A SERIES Every company has an obligation to find a balance between working hard at making a profit and working hard at staying sane. The thirst for greater quantities of time off is often squashed by the workaholic's hunger for some nebulous level of success. Over time the two opposing goals can tear apart families, marriages, partnerships and friendships.

Setting a Realistic Business Model Requires Taking a Reality Check

I'm in the process of reading a very good book that I would recommend to anyone interested in running a profitable business. I assume that would include just about everyone who might have their hands on this magazine at this very moment. "Confronting Reality: Doing What Matters to Get Things Right," by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, hits on some very important topics that affect every type of bu...

Manage Mobile Phone Features

Just because we've been using telephones in business much longer than we have computers doesn't mean that choosing the right cell phone and plan is any easier than choosing the right computer hardware and software. In fact, depending on your business needs, the two tasks may go hand in hand. Can I get a signal? While companies in metropolitan areas have their pick of technologies, features and ...

What Have You Done for your Ceilings Lately?

Look up. What do you see? Chances are you are reading this magazine in a building of some sort — your home, your office, in the bedroom, in the bathroom. What does the ceiling look like? Is it flat, white and boring? Or is it bold and vibrant with moldings and color, maybe heavy beams and texture? How about the remodeling projects you are designing and building for your clients? Have you ...

Home Tech Impact

"So doctor, what are your technology plans?" Scott Strawbridge, owner of Strawbridge Building Contractors, asked his client. "The doctor said he didn't have any technology needs. Then a few minutes later, he pointed out the media room where he wants a plasma TV, and he mentioned the need for speakers in the kitchen and near the pool.

Market Leaders 2005

As many different types of remodeling and contracting firms as there are, the challenges are always the same: mentoring employees, pricing for profit, keeping up with new codes and products, standing out in the marketplace. At any industry show or conference, new friends swap war stories and ideas that worked.

What's Old is New: A Little Girl's Dream House

It was an 80-year-old feeble house, but to its new owner, it was the house of her dreams. "Most would have considered it a tear-down," says Rick Stageberg, CGR, vice president of remodeling for VB Contractors Inc. "But she loved the house and grew up down the street from it." The home's location in Virginia Beach and views overlooking the Chesapeake Bay were both its greatest assets and greates...

Price Versus Service

Bob Earl, CGR, CR, is the president of Casa Linda Remodeling, a high-end design/build remodeler in San Antonio, Texas, with annual revenue of $3 million. He has 22 employees. Clete Reinhart owns Reinhart Construction Company, a full line remodeling firm in Louisville, Ky., that also employs two lead carpenters and an office person.

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