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PR June 2015

June 02, 2015


Freddie Gray was poor and black and lead-poisoned. The combination proved deadly.

Do you have a great idea that will satisfy the appetite of a hungry market? Four remodelers show what it takes to make that vision a reality

With initial cost for bulbs coming down, there just aren’t any good reasons left for not making the switch to LEDs

A look at the most common bulb shapes available and a cost comparison of bulb types over time

Creating aesthetically relevant retro designs isn’t just a matter of slapping up a wall of beadboard and calling it a day 

Websites have two audiences: search engines and people. Here’s how to satisfy both to improve  your ranking, increase traffic, and generate more quality leads

Franchising in home renovation is set to grow. The key: creating systems that can be duplicated anywhere. We take a look at what this business model has to offer

Ultra-efficient Energy Star Version 6.0 windows are here, but are homeowners willing to pay the higher prices?

One element that separates great businesses from the merely good ones is the ability to make accurate predictions

One bath used to be the rule, but these days one bath per bedroom is the trend. A second-floor addition is the answer, but it takes three tries to help clients work through the problem.

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