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August 16, 2010


There are six key attitudes to success in any area of life, especially business. The key attitudes are hard work, discipline, diligence, applying best practices, striving for excellence and faith. The seventh key is having a passion for what you do.

Merillat interviews consumers to reveal key insights into homeowners' attitudes and decision-making processes. Information can be valuable to remodeling firms in formulating their sales and marketing strategies.

Speed your next remodel with 6 proven technologies from the PATH Concept Home that result in faster installation of plumbing, floors, switches and egress systems. Some of these technologies will also enhance the beauty and environmental performance of your project and may cost less to install.

As host of “Today’s Homeowner,” Danny Lipford is well known throughout the industry. Despite his frequent travels across the country, his remodeling company has thrived because of a strong management team and good business systems.

After record remodeling levels for the last few years, 2007 and 2008 are predicted to be flat or slightly down. Competition is getting stiffer in a lot of places. Every market, even a down one, has its opportunities, though. Here are five ways remodelers can take advantage of a down market.

Putting an addition on a San Francisco home often imposes immediate challenges, given the elevations and rises that are characteristic of the terrain. Other challenges made this project particularly unique: its historic registry listing (the home was built in 1895); a fragile sandstone veneer that could not be duplicated yet had to be echoed in the addition's cladding and towers.

A bad 1950s remodel and a duplex conversion had robbed the home built in 1913 of its original charm. The remodel included an addition which housed a family room on the first floor and combined two of the smaller bedrooms into a luxurious master suite.

VB Homes purchased this Virginia Beach home with an eye toward displaying its remodeling skills. The transition from simple ranch to beautiful waterfront retreat provided a powerful marketing tool by showing other homeowners what they could accomplish.

The best thing about focusing on culture is that you get to decide what type of remodeling company you develop and/or work for.

Information about adding good employees; building customer loyalty; and keeping the lines of communication open.

New product reviews from K/BIS plus a review of countertops and doors

With many remodeling jobs coming through the pipeline, who's in control, and how do they manage the backlog?

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