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August 16, 2010


The world is full of remodelers who are busy helping customers. But the world is also full of customers who could be busier helping remodelers. I'm talking about focus groups, that academic-sounding idea of asking customers (and the people you would like to win as customers) how they make purchasing decisions for remodeling needs.

Keith Alward's Ph.D. in developmental psychology comes in handy almost every time he meets a client. Because Alward charges time and materials, he runs into a fair share of cautious people who want to know just one thing: "How much is this going to cost?" And that would be a problem if he didn't know how to read and quickly react to a client's nonverbal, and even sometimes even verbal, cues.

You've just completed a new addition with a beautiful pitched roof and high-end windows. After all that hard work, are you ever proud of the job. If you don't block air, manage water vapor and prevent bulk water infiltration, your proud accomplishment could turn into an embarrassing callback.

In this second installment of Professional Remodeler's two-part series on sales and marketing strategies for increasing local market share, we illustrate the ways one company, DesignLine Remodelers Inc. of Richmond, Va., has created a detailed marketing strategy based on a well-defined client profile, clear sales goals and quality materials. 

The driving impulse for this project rested on generating the perfect view of Washington's Mount Rainier. But Seattle's oft-inclement weather during the drawing stages didn't allow for a clear idea of where the homeowners would have the best vantage point. Here is what Blue Canyon Construction did to guarantee the customer got what they wanted.

This case study takes a look at how JETT Construction handled a cascade of repair project requests in the wake of Florida's hurricane beatings in 2005.

There's no relief in sight for remodeling firms that have been hit hard by the increased cost of building materials, says economist Ken Simonson. Simonson, chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, said that some of the increases may level off as the housing market cools due to the highest mortgage interest rates in more than four years.

An overview of roofing, siding and cladding products that can help enhance homes.

Tom Swartz talks to a CPA and an attorney who counsel remodelers and help them choose the best business structure for their company.

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