PR July 1999

August 16, 2010


Raymond McNealy illustrates the first steps a remodeler should take when setting up a website.

Tips on finding security system contractors.

One remodeler gives tips on creating and using efficient payment draw schedules.

Pointers on selling safety items to homeowners.

Rick Bainbridge was named 1999 Chrysalis Remodeler of the Year at the Southern Building Show.

Dan Bawden offers tips for remodelers wanting to get their last payments on time from clients.

This brief outlines the legal definition of a family business and points readers toward some online references.

Gehman still uses some subcontractors.

Editor's column advising remodelers to look at other industries that are 'stealing' away laborers as competition.

One remodeler outlines good computer security tactics for remodelers to follow.

A site preparation checklist can help manage customer expectations.

An outline of stereotypically problematic clients and tips for managing them.

Using in-house labor can have more benefits than using subcontractors, according to Dennis Gehman.

Letter to the Editor describing how one reader relates to the woman featured in April's It's Time To Sell feature.

Tips on choosing the right estimating software for your remodeling business.

Gehman outlines his benefit budget for 1998.

Dennis Gehman stresses education by paying for employees for certain types of participation.

One remodeler's Web site serves as a sales tool as well as a showroom.

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