PR January 2008

August 16, 2010


Remodelers should concentrate on building a slow-growing, profitable and stable company rather than a fast-growing company that sacrifices quality, profit, client satisfaction, employee satisfaction and cash flow.

The current state of the economy is strong in some markets, but has slowed down in many others. Some remodelers might say it's more of a normal economy — not just an order taker's phase, while others might say it is a down economy. In my view, they are all correct depending on where the person is located.

Adapting to change will help those in the remodeling industry to prosper in 2008.

How do you create a business plan that makes a difference in the day-to-day operation of a remodeling company?

Package deals are found in most industries with standardized products. So why not remodelers? Coleman & Laurienzo Builders of Damascus, Md., wondered the same thing: why not package design and materials for customers?

Last year was one of transition for the remodeling industry from a market of soaring growth to one where many companies struggled to maintain those highs. With more of the same likely for 2008, companies that find the most innovative ways to improve their businesses will be the most likely to succeed in a challenging market.

As the calendar rolls over from 2007 to 2008, the likelihood 2008 will be a challenging year for remodelers increases with each passing day. Rising interest rates, declining home values and more coverage of the soft real-estate market by media have changed remodeling market dynamics in many ways.

Our list of the top influencers on green building and remodeling

A switch in ownership. An almost complete turnover in employees. A local housing market that soared to record highs — then swiftly slowed. To say Legacy Custom Building & Remodeling has faced a lot of changes over the last five years would be quite an understatement.

The owners of this eight-year-old colonial-style home in Hopkinton, Mass. called upon its original builder to update its traditional floor plan to suit their family’s changing needs. One key area to address was expanding the kitchen to make it more functional for everyday use as well as entertaining.

Revamping the Marches' master bathroom was more than a remodeling project; it was a quest. Jo and Rick March not only wanted to correct the odd, do-it-yourself design devised by the previous owner in 1985, they wanted to upgrade with a unique design of their own — one that had McClurg Remodeling & Construction Services of Marcellus, N.

Secrets and insights from the remodeling industry

Products for the remodeler and the remodeling industry

With the housing market in the midst of an extended down cycle, it's a good time to evaluate the way you do things within your company. With leads and sales down in the remodeling industry, you may want to consider altering your sales strategies to make sure the company survives.

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