PR January 2004

August 16, 2010


Cornering the market on service and skill has made Boardwalk Builders a quality-fueled business

To be a business leader, you don't need The New York Times to remember you when you die, but you do need consumers to remember your company's name.

There are many reasons to use a certain pricing system - some are convenient, some safe, some capitalistis and some lazy.

Dormers bring in sunlight, enhance home's architectural integrity

Benchmark Market Leaders

Benchmark Market Leaders

What does it take to be a great remodeler? Benchmark Market Leaders have the answers.

Adding space allows preservation of formal living space

Using the right software and hardware upfront helps land jobs and documents details for later.

Every Friday during production meetings at D.G. Liu Contractor, president Jerry Liu presents a $20 bill to any field employee who received top scores of 5 across the board on a job-completion survey.

Increasing attic insulation, typically one of the most cost-effective energy-effiency measures you can take, can reduce heating and cooling bills and improve homeowner comfort.

Entryway covering takes its design cue from the past

Based on demographics and age of homes, Elliott targeted the residents of two neighborhoods to receive a free promotional magazine.

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