PR February 2014

January 31, 2014

Epic Development redefines Atlanta property

23 repeat and referral tactics for 2014

10 more new products intorduced at IBS & KBIS 2014


Professional Remodeler presents 30 new products to be released at the 2014 IBS & KBIS Shows in Las Vegas.

NARI member strength of sales in 4Q increased to 6.41, up from 6.12.

Your business is a vehicle for your growth and passages. It is a platform for others to create their own future.

If you are like many remodelers who sell, most of your systems and processes are in your head.

BARA found that retrofit packages in the New Jersey HPwES program (both mechanical and enclosure focused) could achieve 30 percent savings.

This month, the Remodeler’s Exchange examines succession planning. Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz spoke with Chip Crawford, an owner of a custom building and remodeling firm he is purchasing from his parents, and Doug Sutton, who recently transferred his remodeling business to his sons. The three men discuss two very distinct views on succession planning.

Effective and easy-to-apply strategies to increase your repeat and referral business in 2014.

In 2014, remodelers and their clients expect to face inconsistent lending practices.

Epic Development redefines modern with resourceful renovation in the hills of Atlanta.

The environmental impact of lighting consists of three basic components: emissions from electricity generation powered by fossil fuels, material used (and disposed of) in the lighting equipment, and any potentially hazardous content in that material.

With unlimited access to inspiration, homeowners are confidently experimenting with darker siding colors and mixed materials.

“What is the ideal number of direct reports (to you) and why?”

As settings are adjusted, the thermostat learns from the user’s programming changes and temperature selections.

The tripane boasts a U-value of 0.18 and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.349; the quad glazing version features a 0.19 U-value and 0.349 SHGC.

No wire, lath, or mortar is required, and Durata is lightweight enough to install without ledges, footing, or wall ties.

Abundant shelving and a unique channeled water-containment system to prevent leaks are also featured.

The Keane Collection also includes a tub filler, tub spout with diverter, and shower trim.

Pietra Jura mirrors the natural beauty of limestone in three neutral colors, with long-lasting durability suited for high-traffic spaces and exteriors

The new finish is available across all styles in the Candler, Mulholland, and Revitalize collections.

Panels are moisture-, mold-, and mildew-resistant, and maintenance-free.

The oven itself features a 43-ounce water reservoir and a 1.4-cubic-foot cavity. A full-text user interface is featured

It features a flexible third rack with alternating folding tines and adjustable wings for convenient loading.

The formula is effective on metallic and non-metallic surfaces and works with both threaded and non-threaded fasteners.

Improved spray-ability and the versatility to be applied with a brush or roller makes it fitting for a variety of projects

This product will not settle, shrink, or expand over time, ensuring a long-lasting air seal. Channel Fill is available in both disposable and refillable sizes.

Each gallon covers between 200 and 400 square feet depending on surface porosity.

The V-Gard Green meets the same performance standards as its other protective hard hats and will be marked with a recycling label.

The BK3 line includes a series of concave jewel-like knobs with a rubbed-oil finish and a powder-coated fiberglass hood.

Each new model is WaterSense-certified and designed to be fast and quiet. Dual-fed siphon jets help keep the bowl clean.

Sinks are meant to ensure easy use for the elderly, disabled individuals, or others with balance issues or difficulty rising.

Both products are available in a range of sizes, and both incorporate LED lighting.

The FV-11VHL2 has light and nightlight feature; the FV-11VH2 is available without lights.

All are available in painted mercury glass or café tint glass for a rustic yet modern look.

All three series feature minimum color rendering indexes of 80, are meant for indoor applications, and come in three color temperatures.

Both fixtures offer a 40,000-hour lifespan and include a pure white light, controlled beam spread with no fade or drop off of light, and a high color rendering index.

Kits include the Solar Lens Roof Dome, leak-proof roof flashing, adjustable skylight tubes, mirror finish tubs, ceiling trim ring, and low-profile lens diffuser.

The bulb uses 80 percent less energy than a traditional incandescent, lasts 13.7 years.

The Asset collection features a smart profile designed to serve as a style asset for interior settings.

Ideal above countertops, it provides a diffused glow for even illumination and offers a truer reflection of the color of the object.

The standard Lutron 1-percent dimming driver is compatible with Lutron controls.

They’re designed to fit almost any manufacturer’s recessed can-style housings for easy retrofitting.

Custom settings will automatically dim lights or turn preselected lights on and off with the touch of a button.

Boards are available in a square edge or grooved profile, with high moisture and mold resistance.

Clubhouse is 100-percent recyclable and does not require painting or staining.

All pieces are smooth white but can be repainted as desired.

The structures give the appearance of painted wood without peeling, rotting, or splitting.

The staircases are also compatible with the LED-dimmable Trex DeckLighting system for added style and safety.

All Artisan Fire Bowls are come complete with 65,000-BTU gas burners.

The stainless steel construction makes the entire line of products virtually maintenance-free.

All four species feature a smooth surface; Ipe is also available with an anti-slip surface.

All three colors provide scratch, stain, and fade resistance backed by a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

Designed for flat and stair applications, all steel balusters are wrapped in PVC for the look of real wood.

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