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February 04, 2011

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Dallas remodeler Curb Appeal Renovations successfully manages hidden structural challenges for a beautiful kitchen facelift that blends creative design with resourceful structural repairs.

MonierLifetile’s Smog-Eating Tile incorporates a photocatalytic agent that helps break down nitrogen oxide molecules, reducing their impact on the environment.

Harvard report shows extent of downturn, but also reasons for optimism in remodeling

Homeowners still looking for luxury out of the bathroom, experts say

Tracking and improving customer satisfaction is more important than ever for remodelers to be successful

Professional Remodeler magazine sat down with NAHB's chief lobbyist Joe Stanton and his top regulatory aide Elizabeth Odina to discuss new legislative threats to an already embattled housing and remodeling industry and the forces his team is marshalling to keep the interests of remodelers front-and-center on Capitol Hill.

The tax code changes every year as new laws are passed and new restrictions take effect. The rules on small businesses are especially volatile. Here are six changes and potential changes you need to know about for this year and beyond.

The more details that can be discussed, clarified and understood before signing a construction contract, the better it is for both the homeowner and the contractor.

What’s the best way to manage field production? One “general” or multiple lead carpenters? Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz talked to remodelers Jerry Levine and Gary Moffie about how they manage their onsite operations.

In exclusive Professional Remodeler research, remodelers talk about employee benefits

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