PR February 2010

August 16, 2010


Top remodelers and builders to help guide editorial

Contractors who reduce their liability can protect themselves against increasing taxes and income assessments by the IRS.

Remodelers need to get ready for the new lead paint laws

Is one number from one system good enough to measure customer satisfaction? Here's a roundup of the pros and cons that have industry experts buzzing.

Here's how extensive planning helped the leaders of Westhill Design/Build pass control of the firm from one generation to the next.

Financing for home remodeling has never been harder to obtain. Here's what you can do to make it easier for your clients.

Economists predict we've hit the bottom for remodeling and should see a market recovery in 2010

Remodelers are getting ready to deal with the challenges of the new EPA lead paint regulations.

Though 2009 was a down year for most decking material manufacturers, some market segments, particularly cPVC boards, fared better than others. Still, top manufacturers are expecting more industry consolidations

Pocket doors and large-span openings have regained some of their popularity. Installation times for pocket and accordion doors have slashed thanks to improvements in hardware from the manufacturing side

Even before the housing market downturn, the building products supply chain was going through a period of what could charitably be called "change." Uncharitably, it could be called bedlam. Consolidation was rampant. Chief among the players was ProBuild Holdings. Backed by Fidelity Investments, the company acquired more than 500 locations in 40 states, branding a national building product suppli...

What differentiates uniquely successful teams however is their ability to leverage their exceptional players while holding the team as a whole accountable.

By converting models to three-dimensional PDF files, planning service provider and building information modeling (BIM) consultants CG Visions have enabled their clients to collaborate on designs, mark up digital drawings and make notations on design specifications. These professionals can sign off on final designs and even track approvals from their colleagues.

In addition to new homes, the EnergyValue Housing Award (EVHA)  program will also provide an opportunity for builders and remodelers to showcase the energy-efficiency upgrades.

There are plenty of numbers available to remodelers in their businesses, but how do you know which ones matter? Professional Remodeler talked to remodelers Bill Asdal and Bob Peterson about how they make the most of their data.

The Home Star program — otherwise known as "Cash for Caulkers" — looks to be edging closer to reality.

The founder of Architecture 2030 talked to Professional Remodeler about the 2030 Challenge and the opportunities for remodelers as the government offers more incentives to homeowners for reducing energy consumption.

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