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PR February 2008

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PR February 2008

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Sales Training: The Best Move I Ever Made

Learn which sales strategy works best for you in the remodeling market.

Marketing in a Down Cycle: Back to Basics

It's time for planning, setting up annual goals and evaluating your performance from the previous year. With the real-estate industry being as slow as it is and the fact it's nearly impossible to sell a home for top dollar unless it's in pristine condition, the remodeling industry benefits.

Tailor Your Marketing to Your Needs

As you know, marketing is a key component of any successful remodeling business. The key to effective marketing is identifying which marketing activities best support your business.

We are All Influential People

I love history. Always have. Most of my favorite kinds of books tend to be about prehistoric times, ancient civilizations, early explorers and historical figures. That's probably why I was so drawn to the topic of this month's cover story, "10 Most Influential People in Remodeling." Not only would a project of this magnitude require us to look back over years of our country's history, but it wo...

The Lowdown on Low-E

Low-E and Energy Star window information for remodeling projects

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets from the remodeling industry

How to Economy-Proof Your Business

These are trying times in the housing industry. The economy is pinching everyone — remodelers included. Sales are down, gas prices are up, and you are stuck in between. It's time to examine your business from the inside out — and the outside in. Ask for customer feedback, get professional business counseling.

Out of the Office

After almost 30 years in business, most companies have settled in to one of two modes: a growth model with a president or CEO who is putting in 60 or more hours a week or a comfortable, stable stage where the chief has greatly reduced his involvement in the day-to-day operations.

11 Most Influential in Remodeling Industry

As long as there have been homes, there's been remodeling. So when the staff of Professional Remodeler sat down to pick the 10 most influential people in the history of remodeling, we knew it wouldn't be an easy task. From dozens of ideas, we, along with input from others, winnowed the list down to the 10 (actually 11 — we counted Home Depot founders Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus as one).

A Welcome Addition

The right materials, detailing and architectural scale create a seamless 2,000-square-foot addition

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