PR February 2002

August 16, 2010


The Great Stuff line includes application-specific Small Gaps and Cracks insulating foam and Large Holes Plumbing & HVAC insulating foam.

ScapeWEL window wells are designed to transform a basement into valuable living space by adding natural daylight and fresh air.

Insulation batts that are 105 inches long by 15 inches wide are designed to reduce installation time and provide better protection against extreme temperatures in homes with the higher 9-foot walls that are becoming more common.

Designed specifically for wood stud construction, NoiseReducer is a fiberglass batt insulation that breaks the path of sound vibration and absorbs noise.

When Professional Remodeler’s editorial advisory board met at The Remodelers’ Show in October, one of our major discussion topics was the magazine’s redesign. One member of the team commented that he liked our original logo best because the word...

Replacement Series windows are custom-built to order, so structural framing remains untouched and windows fit existing sizes.

To complement the one-piece outside corner siding product introduced in January 2000, inside corner and window/door J channel profiles have been added to the PermaChoice line.

Four months after showcasing a whole-house remodel in a local home parade, Bob Peterson, CGR, could point to a dozen projects that had come in as a direct result.

Weather Pro stain is designed to carry color pigments deep into wood cells and ensure no surface peeling, cracking or blistering.

Made specifically for retrofit applications, HomeTouch is a lighting control system that communicates on a home’s existing wiring.

In the face of economic adversity, remodelers show their resolve in creative — and profitable — ways.

Barrier-free, reinforced solid-surface showers for walk-in or wheelchair access are designed to fit exactly into the space of an existing 30-inch-deep by 60-inch-wide tub.

Divinity is an antique white finish available on the Premier and WoodCraft Series on Madison, Harbour II (pictured) and Savannah door styles. It is designed to complement any décor or color palette.

First came the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, established by Congress in 1987 to recognize the importance of quality and performance excellence to U.S. businesses and the nation as a whole.

Available in R-values from 13 to 38, Pink fiberglass insulation is designed for use in all insulation applications.

Stephen C. Gidley has spent a lot of time over the past 20 years trying to avoid court. President of Stephen C. Gidley Inc. & Associated Building Contractors in Darien, Conn., he hasn’t had to defend his company.

Foam & Fill polyurethane foam sealant comes in two formulas: Minimal Expanding for small areas and Triple Expanding for larger areas.

Houses are complex systems. Realize that when you change any significant house part, say from standard double-glazed to low-E windows, the system will respond. Sometimes the house works better, sometimes worse.

For more latitude in customization, the company has expanded its line of fusion-crafted wood exterior doors to include a variety of panel options, glass inserts, sidelights and surfaces.

In the past, savvy remodelers kept a Polaroid camera on the job site to document job progress or any significant event. Digital cameras take this practice to another level.

Designed for use with the company’s Plexcote #97 sealer, Time Saver is a polyurethane finish for hardwood floors that dries in two to three hours, even in extreme temp-eratures and high humidity.

Wherever they stand on the continuum — all-out effort to comply, head-in-the-sand denial that the rules exist, or somewhere in between — all remodelers face risks when it comes to lead paint and the regulations surrounding it.

The PowerFast Cable Tacker is designed to be the only tool a remodeler needs for all general wire- and cable-fastening jobs.

Last August, after a complaint filed by U.S. lumber companies, the United States levied a 19.3% countervailing tariff on softwood lumber from certain Canadian provinces.

Heritage and Ultra casement windows now offer the Mirage concealed multipoint locking system as an option.

No matter what’s under the floors or above the ceilings, the first thing your clients and their friends will see when your job is complete is the finish.

Ace Royal Touch interior paint and Ace Royal Shield exterior paint contain no lead or mercury and are nontoxic when dry.

When it comes to wear and tear, few components of the home have more rigorous requirements than exterior doors.

Dens-Shield tile backer installs in half the time as conventional cement board in typical tile installations, the company says.

Though no home-wiring solution has established itself as the clear industry leader, most new construction is using Cat-5 and RG-6 in a “home run” or “star” configuration, with all the wiring radiating out from a central hub to service individual rooms....

The Wood Classics system of interior stains and varnishes now offers increased open time. Stain and two topcoats can be applied in one day, the company says.

Thanks to the deregulation of electric utilities, which helped open the market for alternative energy sources, more consumers are taking advantage of photovoltaics (panels made of silicon that convert sunlight to electricity) to provide electric to hom...

The company has introduced 11 standard stain finishes, all designed to complement popular laminates used in remodeling projects, for its cabinet doors, dovetail drawers and refacing products.

The Marcato stainless steel sink, shown with the Fairfax pullout faucet, has double basins that are 8 inches deep.

High-density batt insulation is designed to provide energy efficiency without altering traditional framing requirements.

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