PR December 2000

August 16, 2010


Vinyl meets the needs of homeowners who want paint-free low maintenance and remodelers who want long-lasting products that install quickly.

Simulate the appearance of smooth marble in a ceramic tile with coordinated floor and wall collections.

Molded wood-fiber doors now offer affordable product with mirrored and French styles.

Convert standard power drills into automatic screwguns with the QuikDriver attachment.

Growth for growth’s sake will sink a remodeler unprepared for the turbulence that lies ahead.

Roofing system allows remodelers to build greenroom and conservatory additions easily.

"Smart" rain sensor can differentiate between humidity and rain, adding value to skylight installations.

Work slows around the holidays for Mike Shumate’s Complete Design & Remodel, located in Carlsbad, Calif., just outside of San Diego. As a result, careful scheduling is necessary.

WhisperLite ventilation fans combine energy efficiency and high performance with space conservation.


Increase the durability and longevity of your projects with Acri-Add.

It’s December -- time for wrap-up. By this I mean a year-end evaluation of your business’s successes and failures.

Operable sidelite entry door can now be combined with a matching sidelite on the opposite side, for flexible entryway design.

Low odor deck stain offers remodelers an alternative to conventional solvent-based woodstain products.

Times are good when remodelers complain about too many leads. In addition to the usual telephone leads, electronic leads from Web-based referral services and remodelers’ Web sites add to the deluge.

Offer additional kitchen options with a round solid surface sink. Swanstone round-bowl sinks are available in drop-in and undermount styles, and both styles are 181/2 in. in diameter and 81/2 in. deep.

Interior mirrored doors offer design flexibility with framed, wood-framed, and frameless styles.

Three remodelers offer their hands-on opinions of the estimating software they use.

Utilize popular recessed lighting, even in fire-rated applications.


New interior doors crafted from solid hardwood are designed for use in finely detailed, high-end projects.

The Council Awards for Demonstrating Remodeling Excellence (CADRE) recognize local councils and council members who have worked tirelessly to promote remodeling to the public, council members and the rest of the industry.

Diamond block pattern window offers more decorative options for remodel designs.

Ideal for rustic designs, knotty hemlock interior doors accent rooms with their richly colored knots, fine texture and straight grain.

According to the revised Census Bureau C-50 figures, remodeling expenditures totaled $142.9 billion in 1999, nearly 20 percent more than the $120 billion that had been estimated by the NAHB using earlier census data.

Safety Boot allows remodelers to quickly build OSHA compliant temporary guardrails and stairrails.

Computer monitor space-saving furniture helps hide technology and preserves room aesthetics.

Selecting a name for a remodeling company can have far-reaching implications.

QuickRoll low-slope roofing offers an easy-to-install option for roofing contractors.

PEX piping system offers enhanced durability for plumbing installations.

Here's how you can replace damaged planks in a hardwood floor in less than two hours.

Add a unique touch to a room remodel with interior wood doors cut from American red oak or knotty pine.

Help indecisive customers choose interior paint color schemes with the Color Key System.

Demand for radiant heating systems has increased dramatically over the past four years, despite contractors’ initial hesitations to learn and install the new technology.

Increase user’s control and comfort as well as safety with 7 1/4-in. Tilt-Lok circular saw.

Mold from a water leak threatens a child’s health. Remediation makes the house livable again.

Keep on the cutting edge of bathroom style by recreating an old-world appearance.

Today, busy professionals need instant information and complete connectivity to their peers and suppliers, wherever they are.

Wooden interior doors are as well made as they are beautiful.

Nothing frustrates remodelers more than a client or project that doesn’t play out the way it appeared when the lead first came in.

New line of polyurethane sealants offers professional quality product for exterior applications.

The first NAHB Remodelors Council Distinguished Service Award was presented to Bob Hanbury, CGR, at the Remodelers’ Show in Detroit.

Bid-Builder estimating software allows remodelers to estimate quantities and costs while allowing for simple and quick takeoffs for specific trades.

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