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PR August 2013

August 13, 2013

101 Best New Products | Financing Projects | Outdoor Oasis


The standout products from the past year.

New full-size commercial vans offer a dry place to store materials and to do work.

Aquatic’s new acrylic shower pans are perfect for replacing existing prefabricated tub-shower areas and upgrading to shower-only, tile-up applications.

Gerber’s Brianne Suite of products now includes a new, 1.28-gpf high-efficiency toilet (HET). The Brianne HET features a fast, quiet FluidMaster 400A fill valve, a 3-inch flush valve and a 2-inch glazed trapway.

Meant to reflect the “less is more” philosophy, Danze’s new Mid-Town Collection features contemporary lines with simpler styling options for the bathroom.

Perlick’s new Signature Series 24-inch Dual-Zone Wine Reserve is rated for outdoor use and features interchangeable, convertible red and white wine storage compartments.

American Standard has added two-handle thermostatic shower valves that offer built-in two-way or three-way diverters to make the shower system more user-friendly, less expensive to install, and more water efficient.

When the U.S. was founded, the average American was expected to live to the age of 35, but according to the World Bank, the 2009 life expectancy of U.S. citizens is 78.1 years of age and 80.66 years of age for Canadian citizens.

Key Residential transforms lackluster backyard into multipurpose living area.

Product selection for remodeling projects remains a complex task with countless factors influencing the final decision.

There are hundreds of topics accessible through the tool?s many functions, including common construction components using the Component Explorer, Energy Star specifications using the Checklist Manager, and home-performance-related topics using the Building Science Explorer.

Everything you do every day in your company is either reinforcing your stature as moderately successful, or is reinforcing your ability to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Whether the product is a new launch or an updated iteration of an existing product, the competition between manufacturers to introduce new products to the marketplace is fierce. The technological innovation and investment manufacturers incorporate into new products not only give their product a competitive advantage; ultimately this innovation makes your job easier and your clients happier with your work.

Our PRIME advisory panel includes some of the remodeling industry?s leading professionals. This month we asked our panel, ?How important is a succession plan for a small business??

Financing has changed so much over the last few years. The more information you can offer your client about financing, even while a project may be still in design, the more successful you will be seeing the project though to completion.

People are not only your most important asset in your business, but they are also the most complex and complicated creatures.

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