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August 16, 2010


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Leading executive Bruce Case reminds remodelers that your choices are crucial

Data reported on the remodeling industry has never been solid, but it has gotten considerably worse over the recent years. For a nearly $300 billion industry, data is essential for smart, efficient decision making. Editorial Director Paul Deffenbaugh calls on the industry to push for more data collection.

A Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Survey found a 35.2 percent decline in cabinet sales between May 2008 to May 2009

When any type of disaster occurs, it can potentially wreak havoc on your business. Experts say that no matter what the cost or effort, it pays to be prepared. Here's how you can get started now.

Low-flow showerheads are a highly tempting proposition for remodelers looking to boost the efficiency and sustainability of their properties. Know how to choose and spec them appropriately.

Two-thirds of remodelers say business is worse than it was a year ago, but they’re optimistic that 2010 will be better

Recent surveys show metal roofing continues to gain market share in residential remodeling. The metal roofing market is strongest in the Southeast, accounting for some 14 percent of re-roofing jobs. Recently released results from McGraw-Hill Construction and Analytics as well as figures from the Metal Roof Alliance (MRA) show metal roofs accounted for nearly 10 percent of the replacement roof m...

Although reaction to the tax credits is mixed, remodelers all agree that the key to judging success is if the stimulus improves the economy

Almost every company is dealing with smaller projects. Remodelers Peter Feinmann and John Todd share how they are making it work for their award-winning firms.

Ford Motor Co. calls this compact van a “game changer,” and it could be true. Learn about the Transit Connect small truck, which could bode well for many remodelers.

An attorney offers steps remodelers can take to protect themselves from green lawsuits.

Medical cost increases continue to outpace inflation. Here are four ways remodelers can cut their healthcare costs and still deliver quality benefits to their employees.


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