PR August 2008

August 16, 2010


Grassroots marketing is a way organizations can get exposure for their remodeling company by being active in their community by giving of their time, treasure and resources. This involves the conscious effort of an organization and can lead to stronger relationships within the company and the community.

To achieve excellence within our remodeling companies' cultures, leaders must work hard at keeping healthy relationships. Our communication skills must be a strength, not a weakness.

Next year looks like it could be one of the most difficult the remodeling industry has endured in more than a quarter of a century. Nearly everyone we've talked to — even the company owners who are not struggling to reach their 2008 volume goal — have confirmed that converting leads to sales has becoming exceedingly difficult, and it's eating away at profit margin.

Passive solar design is one of the more unique and innovative ways you can boost the energy efficiency of your clients' homes. Good passive solar design is driven by the sun's heat. In warmer climates, you can sometimes eliminate the need for mechanical cooling, heating and artificial lighting entirely.

Giving everyone who works in and with your remodeling business a clear sense of what the enterprise is about is one of the over-arching purposes of preparing a business plan. That is why the business' vision, mission and core values are so important. With this foundation in place it is easier to look forward, trying to see what the future holds for the company.

Orren Pickell is a remodeler. He's a custom builder. He's a businessman. But perhaps most importantly, he's a brand. Talk to high-end homeowners in Illinois, Michigan or southern Wisconsin and they'll know the name Orren Pickell. Whether it's remodeling or custom homes, the name Orren Pickell carries a meaning beyond what most contractors ever achieve.

While 2007 had its rough moments, 2008 seems to be the year that the housing downturn really hit remodeling. Fundamentally, the remodeling industry follows the trends of homebuilding. While the troughs are not as deep and the peaks not as high, new construction is a good predictor of remodeling activity.

A focal point wet bar, distinctive coffered ceilings and safari-themed finishes incorporated into the design for the remodeled basement in this Centennial, Colo. residence provide the family with an adventurous entertaining area.

After putting up with a leaky deck for 10 years, Mick Roberts wanted the problem to end. Permanently. He hired Emerald Contractors, a remodeler in Tarpon Springs, Fla., to do the job.

New products for remodelers and the remodeling industry.

Information for building a better remodeling Web site with SEO; marketing with financing; and going green by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Do your customers always get what they want? Are they delighted with the finished project? Are they happy to recommend you? If they're not, this is a must read that will help you manage those expectations.

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