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August 16, 2010


When these Seattle homeowners decided to remodel and expand their second-floor bathroom, they also wanted to create a grander, more contemporary entryway that would not distract from the home's 1950s split entry and long, linear lines.

Low-margin commercial projects - especially for historical renovations - leave little room for error but lots for creativity.

When Neil Peck, president of S.N. Peck Builder in Chicago, took his first Landmark Education forum 20 years ago, he wasn't aware of the impact that course, and the many Landmark forums that followed, would have on his company.

The sad truth is that larger jobs, unfamiliar project types, poorly chosen clients, poor job costing - and the resulting repetitive estimating errors - capped by a poor understanding of how profit is generated, are the root causes of remodeler failure....

Remodelers wanting to use more technology in their business functions can look to these platforms from Foster Remodeling Solutions as examples. presents a markup calculator in conjunction with Alan Hanbury's Praying or Planning for Profit? article in Professional Remodeler magazine.

Mike Carden, CGR, CEO of MUI Corp. in Birmingham, Ala., was baffled about why consumers didn't have a means to service what, in most cases, is the largest investment they own, and he came up with a vehicle to change that in his market.

For the past three years, Commonwealth Home Remodelers in Vienna, Va., has offered internships to architects in training who are working toward their license through the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards' Internship Development Prog...

Insurance companies charge a pretty penny for workers' compensation premiums. Those premiums go up substantially when your company has a claim, especially if it includes time loss as well as medical expenses.

Pictures from the Playroom Project and Remodelers Council Board of Trustees meeting.

A whole-house approach requires that every change made to an existing home be considered in the context of its interaction with the building envelope, mechanical systems, landscaping, neighboring houses, orientation and climate.

Taking a whole-house approach provides opportunities for you to differentiate your company in a competitive marketplace and to protect your jobs from building failure.

Before beginning a remodeling project, contractors routinely consider its impact on the design and construction of the rest of the home - but not everyone considers the impact on whole-house performance. This can have ill effects on the home and/or occ...

With each new machine or tech gadget I acquire, I have a love-hate relationship. I love it when it does things well and when I know how to use it. I hate it when it gives me trouble.

The way that any one of our employees does his or her job has enormous repercussions with the public and with the company.

Vinyl remains a strong choice even for historic homes, while fiber-cement is gaining ground with new options.

Without measuring employee performance against benchmarks, you leave the possibility of success to chance.

A bedroom with walk-in closet in a home in Minnetonka, Minn., needed to make the conversion from child's space to work space.

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