PR April 2001

August 16, 2010


Potter Construction thought free-lance lead carpenters offered the best model for growth, but it soon found that it needed to include on-staff personnel.

Most remodelers readily admit that word of mouth is their best source of leads, and a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders backs them up

Most remodelers are experts at dealing with lathe-and-plaster walls and similar old-fashioned building materials. But Bob White of R.G. White Construction in Jacksonville, Fla., faced a challenge in a recent project that few of his peers are likely to ...

When e-mail first became available, it seemed like the perfect solution to the disruption of a phone call. But frankly, you’ve got too much mail, right? Here are some tips for dealing with the excess in your inbox.

Greg Zimmerman combines aggressive sales techniques with a human touch to sell a whole-house project.

Even in this age of electronic commerce, paper transactions still dominate the U.S. payments system.

The CGR Class of January 2001 brings the total number of Certified Graduate Remodelors to 803.

Most remodelers have a soft spot in their hearts for a particular tool or two—directly remodeling-related or otherwise.

The National Association of Home Builders is almost ready to send out the first mailing of the new Remodeling Market Index survey. Based on the well-established Building Market Index, the RMI focuses specifically on trends and issues among remodelers.

Kleinco’s estimating process prevents unpleasant surprises for the remodeler and the client

Pella Corporation’s Brent Ewell has announced the lucky winners of fully paid CGR tuition.

Sometime it is more then just the finished product that revels quality work.

With National Home Remodeling Month just around the corner, remodelers should be ready to handle an increased volume of consumer inquiries.

The high cost of natural gas and other forms of heating fuel has inspired about one-quarter of American homeowners to make improvements that will increase their homes’ energy efficiency within five years, according to a study by Owens Corning.

Alpha Contracting rethinks its company strategy, ventures in a new direction and reports record growth.

Expenditures for improvements and repairs of residential properties in the third quarter 2000 was estimated at $149 billion, according to the U.S. Commerce Department Census Bureau.

After more than a decade of debate, many remodelers are taking another look at this controversial corner of the industry.

According to a recently released industry survey, the amount of pre- and post-consumer glass and blast furnace slag being diverted from the solid waste stream for use in thermal and acoustical insulation now exceeds 14 billion pounds.

A remodeling firm reaches excellence when it has business management systems that allow employees to know what to do, how to do it, and when they’ve attained success doing it

Check out these trends that buyers are calling for in their kitchen and baths.

2001 has the potential to be a very productive year for remodelers.

Responses to the survey of participants at the 2000 Remodelers’ Show in Detroit provided a revealing look at a national cross-section of the industry and expectations for the near future.

The time of year when homeowners are thinking about sprucing up their homes is the perfect time to promote the importance of choosing a qualified professional remodeler.

With so many remodelers busier than they’ve been in a long time, it’s easy to let administrative procedures slip through the cracks. Protect your business as well as the interests of the industry: remember that the punch-list for each and every job on ...

For builders and remodelers with technical questions about building technologies, techniques, materials, products, and processes, the answers often can be elusive. But help is on the way - and the help will be delivered right to your computer

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