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November 2016

October 25, 2016


An open plan and offset cabinet layout transform this cramped tudor galley kitchen into a modern space with an old-fashioned feel

The benefits and pitfalls of making religion part of your brand

A look at four cool new products chosen by the editors 

A look at the craftsmanship and quality products that make this project a standout

What they are and how they work

HomeAdvisor survey shows increase in major home improvement projects

With the Go Figure app and a laser measurer, you can make a proposal using an iPad touch screen and a few photos

A head-to-head comparison of the only two flesh-sensing jobsite table saws on the market

Pools, landscaping, wood decks improve livability

Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention aims for a zero suicide industry

Remodelers and builders who want to be proficient in their craft should understand the designs they imitate

It’s our fault that working with both your back and your brain is revered in athletes but disparaged in tradesmen

Don't fall behind on current technology. If you do, your business will feel the repercussions

What sets you apart and makes prospects want to hire your company rather than another remodeler?

Consider these pointers when making the transition

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