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3 Illuminating Trends in Residential Lighting

When used effectively, lighting creates focal points to draw one’s attention to key characteristics. Here are three lighting trends in remodeling. 

Doing Business in Uncertain Times

Material shortages and delays have dealt the largest shock to project costs during the pandemic. Here's what remodelers have learned. 

Expectations for the Universal Space: Kitchen Trends in 2021

When the pandemic hit, kitchens were no longer limited to meal prep and entertaining. Here are the requests remodelers are seeing in kitchen renovations.

How to Meet National Green Building Standards in Remodeling

The 2020 ICC-700 National Green Building Standard® (2020 NGBS) resource book builds on over a decade of green building experience.

Infrastructure Plan Could Create Opportunities for Remodelers

The Biden administration has proposed a massive $2 trillion infrastructure package that includes over $200 billion to build, preserve and retrofit more than 2 million homes and commercial buildings.

What Design Trends Will Have Staying Power in 2021?

Privacy, health, and space will lead design requests in 2021. 

Remodeling Industry Sees a Bright 2021

The remodeling market declined at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last March and April, but quickly bounced back and has since more than fully recovered. Here's where it stands now.

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