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May/June 2021

June 03, 2021


New updates and innovations in cabinet design

This year’s New American Remodel aims to unify indoors and outdoors through views and landscaping.

Three unique kitchen designs speak to homeowner personalities with mixed materials, interesting textures, and generous pops of color.

The layout has quite a few asterisks next to its title as ‘most popular floor plan.’ We explore its history, controversy, and its fate.

Standouts overcome construction and design challenges to produce all-around eye-catching, yet functional results.

Protect renovations from leaks during construction and beyond with Local Mode for Flo by Moen's detection system. 

Sherwin-Williams introduced new sanitizing, purifying options for the Living Well collection.

A smart wine dispenser and custom cabinetry kit for an integrated look.

Custom wood doors that give remodelers flexibility in design and durability in the installation.

Stainless steel outdoor cabinetry that resists rusting while giving remodelers the look of interior kitchen design. 

Two techniques for cutting irregular shapes without measuring dimensions or angles.

NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke shares what NAHB is doing to combat rising lumber prices. 

Confidence in the remodeling market has come roaring back, according to a recent NAHB survey.

A window expert shares how orientation, floor plans, and wall support impact the installation of pop-out windows.

Lisa Sten, CEO of Harrell Remodeling, finds new ways to scale up as the pandemic continues to disrupt old ways of doing business.

Alison Rice analyzes current conditions in the remodeling industry.

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