May 2018

April 23, 2018


It's going to affect a lot of your materials 

2017's No. 1 feature was No. 4 in 2016

If you have an addition coming up and you're in Houston, take note

Data selections provided by researchers from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies give new insight into a changing industry 

Rather than searching for a one-size-fits-all pay plan, use big-picture tactics to keep teams motivated

A new book by an industry author helps contractors with time management

Let go of hiring the perfect candidate. Instead, hire potential and train to perfection.

Consider these questions before purchasing digital solutions for your company

Windows specially tested against the brutal force of a professionally hit home run ball

An affordable alternative to replacement and traditional storm windows

Interlocking fiberglass plates for simpler and safer window installations 

Whether you use trusses or rafters, creating space above exterior walls will improve energy performance

Guts, grout, and happy accidents make concrete countertops that look like stone—at least to non-geologists

Instead of resisting client requests for a cost breakdown, Michael Anschel lays all his cards on the table. It sounds like a nightmare but it works like a dream. 

How one engineer found an empty niche and not only filled it, but grew it 

Replace thousands of sticky notes with a single tool 

A program designed to streamline workflows for businesses big and small

The remodeling market is strong, but are you ready to take advantage of it? Take this simple fitness test to see if you’re properly positioned for growth. 

There is no faster, more effective way to develop empathy with your clients’ experience than to become a remodeling client yourself

Over the past few months, Amazon made a bold move in the home services space

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