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May 2016

May 04, 2016


You just got a phone call. What you hoped would never happen has happened. Now what do you do?

A Virginia contractor has found a receptive market for custom modular additions. Here’s how it all works. 

They say necessity is the mother of invention. With that in mind, here’s a look at five new and innovative products.

Readers improve upon a project presented in the March issue

More and more homeowners want steam ovens as part of their kitchen remodels. Here’s how they work.

Drywall can be the first line of defense against the movement of moisture-laden air into exterior walls, if you take these steps

Check out these paint products, which make just putting color on the walls seem old fashioned

Combining lightweight powder-coated aluminum construction with a track system that lets you slide and reposition the twin racks, adds to the ease and convenience of the TracRac SR 

Fred Home Improvement's senior remodeling consultant Steve Todd on why Intex's product is his preferred railing system

How one remodeling company is making marketing decisions based on lifetime customer value

To avoid misunderstandings, include these basics in your contracts

Here’s a quick, easy system to see if you’re delegating the right tasks

As an increasing number of small projects come from online referral services, the companies that work that way will reap the benefits of that small job that turns into a much more extensive remodel

All remodelers face similar problems. How they solve them makes all the difference.

Productivity isn’t about how many people are working, It’s about moving and working efficiently and the desire to get things done

Instead of marking success by how much you accomplish in 24 hours, think about marking how much meaning each hour holds

How getting homeowners to understand the logic behind their decision to buy and to buy from you will help keep them enthusiastic and moving forward with the project

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