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March 2016

March 02, 2016


Recession, demographic shifts, and unlimited data have done a makeover on your customer. You need a new playbook to stay in the game 

Sales trainer Chip Doyle weighs in on how remodeling projects are sold today and defines the key parts of the process

Here’s how to make presentations that will grow your business

Remodelers need to get to know the attitudes and ideas of a new generation of homeowners 

Working in the proper sequence and allowing for humps and dips in floors and out-of-plumb walls are key to a problem-free job

A desire to update a ’90s kitchen leads to a reconfiguration of the space to better fit the family’s lifestyle

For safety around the house, it’s the little things that count

Self-regulation as a solution to regulatory noncompliance

Achieve better lighting by avoiding these common mistakes.

If you're looking for a compact, handy 12-volt saw, check out this option from Makita

Brian Elias offers a solution to the skilled labor shortage

Milwaukee Tools introduces titanium nitride-coated bits to its Shockwave line 

Hold harmless, indemnify, and duty to defend each mean different things. Here’s why it matters.

This compact, portable keyboard from iClever may spell the end of thumbing your phone on the jobsite.

At Euro Design Build Remodel, a new service-based system for awarding staff provides incentive and recognition 

You can grow your business in a variety of ways, but you need to define it both for yourself and for your company.

How an effort to build relationships and encourage more diverse participation is paying off for the Remodelers Council of Greater Des Moines

Your professional expertise has value, and it’s time to offer that expertise only to those prospects who recognize that value and are willing to pay for it. 

Rather than be part of the “good enough” majority, why not make a push to move up? 

A recent book makes the point that if your business isn’t on the first page of Google's organic search results, it doesn’t exist—for anyone online, at least (which is pretty much everyone)


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