July/Aug 2021

July 20, 2021


The year's top 100 products as decided by our editors and you, our readers!

This Pro's Pick is a new insulation that is easy to use and keeps its rigidity while remaining soft to the touch. 

This Pro's Pick is a ventilation fan that accounts for the challenges of airflow in an older home.

Elizabeth Evans, CEO and founder of E2 Homes and E2 Roofing, grew her businesses, attended the Joint War College, and was promoted to Colonel all during the pandemic. 

Model building code could aid remodelers and home owners in face of extreme weather.

A setup tip and a jig make for more consistent, error-free miters when cutting crown on a power miter saw. 

NAHB continues to work with industry leaders and policymakers to address material prices and supply chain issues.

The prices of materials may decrease, but other factors will keep overall costs high. Training your team is crucial for navigating this disconnect. 

In his final editorial, former Managing Editor James F. McClister shares five lessons from Coverings 2021 for remodelers. 

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