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July 2019

June 24, 2019


Video posters should start paying extra close attention to these three ranking factors

Updates on residential windows, doors, and skylights

The color is meant to impart slowness, encourage consumers to practice mindfulness, and be more present in their lives.

Are you working in the right state? 

Use these guidelines to set the stage for successful hires

5 questions to ask yourself when trying to determine how things stand with your business 

Should you start work on a project if you are missing one of the homeowners’ signatures on the contract? No. Here’s why.

Originally designed for software developers, the scrum methodology brings flexibility and focus to remodeling

An affordable, targeted marketing campaign in minutes

A drain for creating seamless, single-slope shower designs

A kitchen built for efficiency, entertainment, and education

An industry-first circuit breaker bringing smart tech to energy management

A 5% discount couldn’t hurt that much, could it?

A pre-construction smoke-test will produce air leaks you (and your clients) can see

In 2018, ResiCap brought in $483 million with a myriad of services including renovating hundreds of homes across dozens of states.

The rise of instructional content on YouTube and Instagram and what the people producing it (and watching it) think you should know. 

The clients want to add space underground to preserve the scale of their home. They might agree to an addition, but only if the front elevation is just right. So that’s where we start.

"Having a green beam rather than a red beam makes a huge difference because of the way our eyes work..."

Every client’s experience with a newly renovated space asks a question about how well reality measures up to imagination

There are little touches that can create opportunity for many remodelers 

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